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Solicitudes X-Men Octubre


Written by Robert Kirkman and Sean McKeever, pencils by Ben Oliver, cover by Michael Turner.

"Cable," part 1 of 4. If one man is capable of disrupting the carefully controlled world of Charles Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters, it¹s this one: Ultimate Cable! He comes from a tragic future to wreak havoc on mutantkind today. And his sinister secrets will shock the X-Men to their very core. It's a huge event in Ultimate X-Men history. Get in on the ground floor. You¹ve been warned. Plus: delve into the secret life of the X-Men's rivals, Emma Frost's Academy of Tomorrow, in a special bonus story!


Written by David Hine, penciled by Yanick Paquette, cover by Juan Doe.

The final showdown that has threatened to break the foundation of the X-Men is here. It's Bishop vs. X-Men. Meanwhile, the leader of O*N*E plots the demise of all mutants everywhere. Can mutantkind survive their own Civil War?


Written by Marc Guggenheim, with art by Humberto Ramos.

"Vendetta," part 6 of 6. The conclusion to the Civil War tie-in. It had to come down to this: At 30 thousand feet, aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, it's Logan vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s elite Super Human Restraint Unit...and one of the Marvel Universe's most powerful super heroes: The Sentry! Logan started this story as the hunter, but he's finishing it as the prey!


Written by Joss Whedon, pencils and cover by John Cassaday.

"Torn," part 6 of 6. How will Emma's betrayal affect the team? Will the Hellfire Club stand victorious? This issue also sets up the events leading into the final arc of Astonishing X-Men by Whedon and Cassaday.


Written by Fabian Nicieza, pencils by Reilly Brown, cover by Rob Liefeld.

"The Domino Principle." The Civil War has torn them apart and now, the President of Rumekistan has to make an executive order -- execute Deadpool! Is Cable a proponent of capitol punishment? If so, what will Deadpool's last meal be?


Written by Tony Bedard, penciled and cover by Paul Pelletier.

"Superguardians," part 1 of 2. The Exiles find themselves in a world...without a world! The earth in this universe has been completely destroyed! And the creature responsible...the Silver Surfer!


Written by David Lapham, art and cover by David Aja.

Wolverine has been injured before, but never like this. Blasted with 5,000 rounds of machine gun shells and lifted to the edge of earth's atmosphere by a giant robot, Wolverine was 85,000 feet in the air when he finally disabled the killing machine. Now, after a horrendous descent and fiery crash into a rural Nebraska cornfield, he lies at the edge of death, lapsing in and out of a coma as his body desperately tries to heal. And that's when things really get bad. The men who sent the robot to destroy Wolverine have come to finish the job. The townsfolk who witnessed the crash have gathered up a mob to hunt down and destroy the alien that's landed. And Wolverine's fate just might rest in the hands of the strange little girl who first found him in that dark cornfield. A strange little girl with an affinity for taking care of odd creatures, and whose family holds a deep, dark secret hidden from the light of day... House of Blood and Sorrow is an all new 34-page chilling story just in time for Halloween!

This Giant Size edition also includes a special Classic tie-in to Wolverine Origins with reprints of X-Men #6 and 7 by Jim Lee, featuring Omega Red and Sabretooth.


Written by Frank Tieri, pencils and cover by Michael Ryan.

"The Last Days of Camelot," part 3 of 3. It's Camelot's last stand! New Excalibur faces a mysterious race of dragons that threatens to end history as we know it!


Written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, pencils and cover by Paco Medina.

It's the end of Chris Yost and Craig Kyle's first year on New X-Men! Saying it's been a tough year is an understatement! But it's not over yet. The students at Xavier's still have Nimrod to deal with. And before this issue is over, another New X-Men will fall!


Written by Daniel Way, penciled by Steve Dillon, cover by Joe Quesada.

"Savior," part 2 of 5. During the Cold War, Logan -- along with Team X -- performed several secret missions inside Russia, one of which was the sabotage of Russia's fledgling "Super Soldier" program and the destruction of the program's result--in particular, the psychotic cyborg known as Omega Red. Logan's memory of this mission has only recently returned to him...but Omega Red has thought of nothing else ever since. It's time for some payback.


Written by Ed Brubaker, pencils and cover by Billy Tan.

"The Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire," part 5 of 12. The X-Men find themselves deep within Shi'Ar space and even deeper trouble. The Shi'Ar have sent their secret weapon after an unaware Marvel Girl. Meanwhile, Professor X has his hands full with a band of rogue soldiers that have their sights on him. And they are out for blood!


Written by Peter David, penciled by Renato Arlem, cover by Ryan Sook.

It all climaxes here: The final showdown with Mr. Tryp and Singularity, X-Factor's desperate race to save all the former mutants from annihilation, and the truth behind the shocking traitor in their midst.


Written by Jeff Parker, penciled by Roger Cruz, cover by Marko Djurdjevic.

Professor Xavier's star students finally get the Spring Break they deserve in Florida! But a visit to an old colleague of the Professor's turns into a battle for survival in the Everglades for Beast and Angel when they hunt The Lizard.

X-MEN #192

Written by Mike Carey, pencils and cover by Chris Bachalo.

"Supernovas," part 5 of 6. Eat your heart out, Red Baron! The X-Men take to the skies to in a dogfight against their newest foes, the Children! It's non-stop action and suspense in this penultimate issue to Mike Carey's first arc on X-Men. Plus, discover the secret the Children are still hiding that will turn the X-Men's world upside down!


Written by Greg Pak, penciled by Tyler Kirkham, cover by Marc Silvestri.

The Phoenix is back! Or is it? Something's not quite right with the Stepford Cukoos and the X-Men better figure out what it is...and fast! Also, what does Weapon Plus have to do with all this?

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